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This film is an integral part of my diploma work at Graphic Design & Media Arts Faculty at Fine Arts Academy in Wroclaw. Im an author of video and sound design. Instruments like zithra, piano and double bass where recorded by Noise of The World.

Palimpsest (gr.παλίμψηστον palimpseston from πάλιν palin -"again" and ψάω psao - "wipe") manuscript written on material previously used for writing, from which the previous text was removed, mostly to reduce the cost of this material. In a figurative sense, the word "palimpsest" is also ambiguous statement, a multilayered semantics.

Franz Eckert was born April 5, 1852, in Neurode (out of Nowa Ruda), German composer, along with Hiromori Hayashi co-founder of Japan's nationalanthem - Kimi Ga Yo. Popularized Western compositions and instruments previously unknown in contemporary Japan. He died on August 8, 1916, in Seoul.

During autumn 2010, I was documenting the visual landscape & collecting field recordings in central Japan, Tokyo agglomeration, Gifu prefecture and the cities of Osaka and Kyoto. After returning to Poland, I visited - Nowa Ruda (formerly Neurode) a hidden city in the Owl Mountains. Diploma project, which is now presented is the result of processing a multi-layered audio-visual material collected in places associated with life and work of Franz Eckert.

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